Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weave all the things..

It was Saori weaving that sparked my initial desire to weave. 

That loom....calls me back again and again. 

For some reason using non-traditional materials suits me. 

Free from expectations. 
Full of joy. 

This piece, created on the Saori Loom, contains: 
reclaimed sweaters, 
thrifted yarns, 
hand dyed yarn, 
hand spun, 
cast off freebies.


Summer in a shawl..

Friday, August 21, 2015

These days..

Throw the doors open..

grab the favorite threadbare rug...

..pots stewing..
with natures colors.

Daffodil dud colored yarn over-dyed with indigo..

Small private class full of laughter, love, fellowship, and 
explosion of natural dyes.

Weaving while colors cook.

My favorites..


Monday, August 17, 2015

Road trip..

The minute I saw Natalie Miller's amazing weaving I fell in love.

Then I read she was coming to the USA from her native Australia 
to teach weaving and macrame workshops.

What?! Columbus, Ohio..



She was hosted by the most lovely April Rhodes

Natalie hand dyes all her wool for weaving.

 The palette I chose, plus a little raffia.

We had an amazing day weaving and learning.  Natalie has the 
sweetest most creative spirit.

Thank you Natalie ~
It was a class of a lifetime and we loved every minute of it.