Sunday, July 31, 2016

Part 1: Last weekend

July was jammed packed full.
We decided to catch our breath by taking a quiet weekend away.

We made it to Charlottesville, VA in time for our favorite
'Fridays after Five' on the downtown mall.

Eating Mexican under twinkle lights.  Quickly savoring a gelato as
it melted in the 95 degree heat.

True to form I hit (just about) every yarn shop between 
Charlottesville and Winchester.

Impromptu yarn crawl...what can I say..   : )

Shouting out to the lovely ladies at:

Who led me to meet the lovely Linda at:

If you are ever in the tiny town of Sperryville, VA stopping at 
is a must!!
Becky.. thanks for the travel book!  You are the best!!


.. to be continued ..

Monday, July 18, 2016

Thar she blows..

The loom.

Yesterday was her maiden voyage out of the workroom
and to my first guild fleece-to-shawl demo weaving event.

The spinners were amazing.
Thank you Carol, Annette, Beth, Linda, and Jerry.

The donated fleece was gorgeous.
Thank you Wini.

Lots of friendly faces and kind folks visiting the event.
Thanks Ann, Dave, Carol G., Sarah, Karen, and Marilyn.

I was so busy weaving I completely forgot to 
take pictures.

Today I'll get the workroom put back together and
finish the bit I have left to weave, while listening to the much
needed rain.

Thanks again everyone for all the love, support,
and a wonderful first weaving event.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

These days..

I am spending most of my time outside these days.
Soaking up the garden.

Dyeing with all the garage doors open.

Berry picking.
Every year I think we aren't going to get many berries..
So far the raspberries have produced about 4 gallons.
Blueberries are still going strong!

Lots of weeding.

Finding pockets of green while teaching 
a workshop in the city.

This skein had a small flaw in the yarn so I got to keep it.

Hope you are soaking up these summer days as well!