Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sleeping Spring..

I know your under there.
Under all that snow.



Little wall hanging created on a DIY 
frame loom with:

Naturally dyed hand spun yarn,
Recycled sweater yarn,
Reclaimed yarn,
a stick from my stash.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yarn Along..

Goldenrod over dyed with Indigo..
Had to knit it up for myself.

For some reason I am in LOVE with brilliant green lately.
Probably because it it so gray here.

Scarf pattern:
Kallio Knits

Uppercase Magazine

I've been wanting to subscribe to Uppercase for some time now.
When I read that this issue had a feature on feed sacks, 
I knew it was time to jump on board.

Uppercase is absolutely wonderful.


There are a lot of familiar fabrics in the magazine.
These little quilt squares were sewn by hand, while I was camping, over
20 years ago.  Ironed them with a coffee pot as I went.
So much fun to pull them out of the attic and see them again.

Dad even remembers a shirt made from one of the fabrics as a child.

Any other feed sack fabric fans out there??


Joining Ginny

Saturday, February 7, 2015


 All the snow recently had me thinking about one of my 
favorite books as a kid..


Do you ever do that?

Read the books that hang in sweet memories
of childhood?

The original 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'
..'Wacky Wednesday'..


I've been dreaming about this little Japanese
out-of-print book that I came across on Pinterest
quite a while ago.

Lisa from 'This and That from Japan' was able
to track down a copy!


(Lisa is totally amazing and I can't recommend her shop enough)

Weaving with reclaimed fabric.

Many of you know how much I love sourcing
reclaimed materials.

Thrift shops, estate sales, random things
given to me from folks who know I love yarn.

Even though there are at least three proper looms in the house,
I still love to just "weave with what I have".

Cardboard from a shoe box,
reclaimed sweater yarn,
take-out fork,
and a
plastic darning needle from thrifting...


a fun little mug rug!


a custom patch to decorate a plain bag.

So if you are suffering from a bit of the greys or cabin fever,
maybe you'll want to try digging out these..

~ a cheerful read that will make you smile.
~ some odds and ends in your stash and craft happy.

..instead of digging snow..

: )