Saturday, February 7, 2015


 All the snow recently had me thinking about one of my 
favorite books as a kid..


Do you ever do that?

Read the books that hang in sweet memories
of childhood?

The original 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'
..'Wacky Wednesday'..


I've been dreaming about this little Japanese
out-of-print book that I came across on Pinterest
quite a while ago.

Lisa from 'This and That from Japan' was able
to track down a copy!


(Lisa is totally amazing and I can't recommend her shop enough)

Weaving with reclaimed fabric.

Many of you know how much I love sourcing
reclaimed materials.

Thrift shops, estate sales, random things
given to me from folks who know I love yarn.

Even though there are at least three proper looms in the house,
I still love to just "weave with what I have".

Cardboard from a shoe box,
reclaimed sweater yarn,
take-out fork,
and a
plastic darning needle from thrifting...


a fun little mug rug!


a custom patch to decorate a plain bag.

So if you are suffering from a bit of the greys or cabin fever,
maybe you'll want to try digging out these..

~ a cheerful read that will make you smile.
~ some odds and ends in your stash and craft happy.

..instead of digging snow..

: )



  1. There is nothing better than the remembrance of childhood stories. How about Katy and the Big Snow? No snow here, but I may have to build me an ark soon. The rain has been relentless!
    That book looks wonderful and you have inspired me to try some weaving. No knitting nor any practice spinning with the torn muscle..but it is so much better! Yipee.
    Loads of love to you, Ellen.

  2. Auggie learned to read with this book a favorite in our house. I love what you're doing Leigh- always up to something. really fun to see the new ideas swirling in your head and your different projects :)

  3. I love the mug rug...very much. And today's rainy weather (and any rainy weather) takes me right back to the third grade, standing in the living room window watching the rain fall outside. I walked three blocks down to the bookmobile just me and my umbrella and borrowed two books...then came home, sat in the chair by the living room window and read the afternoon away. I don't remember what the books were, but I do know that one was so good I read it in one afternoon. Sometimes I wish I were in third grade again...


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