Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Out like a lion..

Savoring a bouquet of daffodils as the weather has turned cold again.
March seems to be going out like a lion.  Lots of wind and cold.  

Meet 'Sonora Blue'.. 
named after an early spring butterfly.

She's a new favorite.
Happy Monday everyone!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yarn Along..

Janina Kallio's beautiful shawl 'Wildheart' with a skein of
madder dyed luxe yarn .

Lots of dyeing.. This is 'Gertrude'.  Inspired by my favorite
unfinished painting by Gertrude Half.

Finally got around to framing the tapestry woven at
the lovely Natalie Miller's weaving class last summer.

Okay..this book is a goodie.
Loving 'The Creative Habit' by Twyla Tharp.

It has got my wheels spinning.

Happy Yarnie Wednesday!

Joining Ginny

Thursday, March 3, 2016


In 1785, the Society for the Promotion of Agriculture in South Carolina offered a premium for growing madder.  Thomas Jefferson and Dolley Madison, 
strongly urged farmers to raise this useful plant. 
~Rita Adrosko

The lightest skein is from hickory hulls and the others are from madder.
The lovely rose skeins will be added to Saturday's shop update at 7p EST.

These skeins are on Wren House Luxe ~ a sublime yarn created with
baby alpaca, cashmere, and silk.  

It's delicious..like butter.