Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yarn Along..

The Antarktis is actually finished, but not blocked yet so I'll share that next week.
Today I had a second lesson on the loom... warping!

I chose to try weaving this fun yarn that I spun over the summer.  It is a blend of hand dyed fiber plus any other little bits I could blend in... including recycled sweater yarn, silk, taffeta from the thrift store.. those kind of things.

The plan is to weave with one of the singles that is still hanging around here unplied from Spinzilla.
It needed the twist set first.  
For now the weft yarn it is drying next to the wood stove ~

Can't wait to start on it tomorrow!

As far as reading ~ I've got my nose in a few books right now.

Currently enjoying this on the kindle via free library loan.
Anyone else enjoy library books electronically without leaving home?

Joining Ginny..

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