Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yarn Along..

Dreary days call for fun fiber!

Hand spun fun made from these..

Little "nests" of merino wool that I hand dyed
and blended with fluffy blended recycled sari silk.

After hand dying some merino / silk yarn to match the hand spun, I headed off to the loom..

The results .. 
A fun, soft, winter blues busting scarf!

Current library love:

A perfect read..
captured in bed while listening to the wind.

Nothing better than counting sheep (literally) before drifting off..

: ))


Joining Ginny


  1. love your spinning! And the finished project is amazing!!

  2. It is all a work of art - from the dying to the weaving. Simply beautiful. I have that book on my wish list! How are you liking it so far?

  3. the scarf turned out stunning. such beautiful work you do.

  4. Those colors are stunning! That book looks interesting. I want to try dyeing my own yarn....I was thinking of hand painting it with my kids this coming year. Stopping over from Ginny's place.

  5. It's lovely! Gorgeous colors, just the thing for banishing the blahs :)

  6. Wow! Very impressive.

  7. Oh wow, that's just beautiful. (Is it terrible I might like the yarn even better than the FO? It's just SO pretty.)

  8. What a beautiful scarf, love the colours.

  9. Love the yarn, love the scarf. I am loving thick and thin yarn lately, and have knitted a few pairs of hand warmers.

  10. Such a beautiful scarf - the colours are amazing. I love how you've been able to create something so unique; I'm in awe! x


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