Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quaker Yarn Stretcher..

Not really feeling my current knit so I decided to take a break..

Hand spun always makes me feel better!

The pattern is the Quaker Yarn Stretcher on Ravelry.  It is
a quite enjoyable knit.  Fun to mix in several balls of hand spun
and watch the colors change.

..feels better already!

Happy Knitting..



  1. i just got out of bed - I was knitting. I am hearing you on the must enjoy the project rule. Hope you get lots of knitting in today!

  2. I just checked out the pattern on Ravelry, what an amazing name. I'd like to knit one, if only for the name. I'm glad that you are enjoying knitting with your colourful cherry for cold winter days.
    Keep warm


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