Saturday, March 1, 2014


 Spinning a bit of hand dyed merino/silk from the LYS..

"Caribbean Sunrise" is fresh from the dye pot...
Just in time for a forecast of significant snow this weekend.

"Dyna".. as in memories of sitting in a shopping cart
as a kid on a hot summers day, backs of the legs sticking to the seat of the shopping cart, while wearing a jumpsuit with bows tied at the shoulders, clutching a pack of DYNAMINTS.

Do they still make those??

Finished the "Turkish Bed Socks" from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.
This was the only flattering picture of my size TEN foot ..

I love the socks!
Perfect in the Dansko shoes.

Wishing you a most wonderful Saturday!



  1. you have a beautiful foot - what are you talking about!

  2. I love these pretty! Caribbean sunrise sounds so summery!

  3. I thought your foot photo was great! I have size 10 feet also. :) And I've seriously only ever met one female with larger feet then me. :)
    As always, gorgeous yarn! One of these days I need to buy some from you and it can join my tiny, (but growing) sock yarn stash.


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