Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Breeze..

Postmarked from Japan..

via California from the most wonderful 

..this little loom has entered my being.

I'm in love..

The first garment off of the new loom is a lightweight 
summer scarf.

Light and airy like a summer breeze.

Merino/silk warp with a weft of Noro Sekku
and bits of wispy summer "clouds".

Summer library reading..

Morning nests of fluffer-nutter..

"It is the individuality that make everything meaningful
and the uniqueness of each thread that creates the tapestry of life"

~ Misao Jo


Joining Ginny..


  1. What a sweet loom! I love the size of it! And your balls of fiber are intriguing...

  2. Gorgy Gory- in every way. Wow you are going international, so very neat that you are weaving too Leigh- loving all the fluffenutter :)
    Sayonara for now

  3. Beautiful scarf and fiber, and what a lovely little loom!

  4. I love the scarf you made on your new loom. It looks so light and airy. I am so jealous of that loom. I hope to have one someday.


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