Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Colors of nature..Part 2

Classroom time at natural dye class.

My nose is still in the dye books.

Labeling our treasures from the dye pot...

Everyone in the soup!

More drying.
Our true colors flying.

My superwash "spaghetti" from tossing yarn in the pots
at the end of class..

Finally a little treasured collection of all our naturally dyed samples:

"There are no accidents in nature."

~ John Muir ~


 Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.  


  1. I love those colors! This is on my list to learn how to do!

  2. Your yarn colors are really pretty, love all the pictures!

  3. Beautiful!!! I really love those rich blues

  4. Wow....such bright and deep colors and all from nature!! Thanks for sharing your dying adventures!!

  5. Looks like another amazing day in living color- you are a wizard!
    Beautiful images Leigh.

  6. Wow, so many beautiful colors of yarn. It is amazing to me that these are all from natural dyes.

  7. gah...all those colours make my hearts skip beats! I could spend hours and hours pouring over dye books and playing with colour.

  8. Oh my, looks like you had the best time!!! i just stumbled about the memories/sample yarns of a spinning class i had taken with Rita Buchanan way back in Maryland - turned out that was 10 years ago, but still such fond memories!! Happy for you!!


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