Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Spun up the "fluffer-nutters"..

The yarn was so soft and full of texture I couldn't 
resist weaving it into a little necklace-scarf..

... a "scarf-lace"...

.. or "Narf"..?

Merino / silk warp
Saori style weave on the Cricket rigid heddle loom
Local alpaca, hand dyed merino, and recycled sari silk weft

Autumn is in the air..


Joining Ginny


  1. SO very pretty- perfect fall colors and I lurv the texture Leigh.

  2. I love the look of that yarn, especially woven! I'd love to get a loom one day, it's on the list :) How long does one of these take to make on a loom, approximately?
    That's going to be a fun scarf to have around when the cold weather hits.

    1. I made this one in a day Corrabelle. It really depends on the size of the garment : )

  3. that is lovely. wow great work!

  4. I really love all the different colours and textures, very unusual. Your scarf looks great :)

  5. I vote for Narf. Gotta love that name. It's a true beauty.
    xoxo E.


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