Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dye Day..

Yesterday I was kindly invited to join
 a neighboring guild's natural dye day.

Kettle upon kettle simmering outside on a long row of open fire.

Wood smoke,


Stirring brews,

Madder, Logwood, Osage, Onion Skin, Black Walnut,
Marigold, Goldenrod, Indigo, Cochineal,

and new things to try like
'Jewel Weed'..


Indigo pots yielding
blue locks !!

Rainbow of naturally dyed tea towels.
 The lovely lady who dyed them
has plans to add embroidery.

LOVE these!!

Food, fun, and friends.
It was a most wonderful day..

Thank you to the Mercer Guild for hosting!



  1. Gee...I wish I was there- that sounds like so much fun Leigh- a day well spent. Glorious colors :)

  2. Oh, forgive me..I just cannot resist..the Triple Eff...Food, Fun, and Friends.
    What could be better than that? And Leigh, I think that you were in Heaven. What beauty and a life long memory of color and joy.
    Love to you, E.


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