Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mug Rug..

This little loom belonged to my mom as a child.

When I unearthed it there still was a little piece of her weaving on it.

That little square of wool now hangs 
on the inspiration board in my studio.

One day I took the little loom with me out to the campfire with
some cones of who-knows-what-kinda-yarn I dug out of the cedar chest.

Isn't hand-me-down-mystery-yarn wonderful?!?

The little square on the upper left is what came off the loom that day.
It happened to be just the right size for my coffee mug.

I use that little mug rug every. darn. day.

It makes me think of my mom's little fingers weaving wool..
the day we sat together laughing at the campfire..
how imperfectly perfect it is.

That little rug got me thinking about maybe trying a few more. 

This little rug was woven on a Schacht Zoom Loom.

Easy to use.

Perfect for more hand-me-down-yarn,
recycled sweater yarn,
a little embroidered pine tree.


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  1. What an absolute treasure. The thought of your mom's young finger weaving away makes it priceless.


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