Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yarn Along..

"...Now in those times, bits of sky could be eaten.  
It was different from other foods.  
Rice fills the belly, but sky fills the heart.  
The woman reached for the sky and broke off a piece, 

But eating the sky could be dangerous business.  
One could become selfish in their desire, intoxicated, and this was a terrible taboo.

The woman's hunger was stronger than her fear of what she knew had been forbidden, 
and she devoured more and more, until she was drink with it.

As punishment, God pulled the sky higher.

With the heavens now so far above, and God even farther, the people of the land and their children, and their children for generations to come, each filled with their own great hunger, were set out on a trail of infinite desire.

Their longing was made material in the bluest of God's 
blues - in garments dyed in indigo.'

-Adapted by the author from West African folklore, various provenances

Partial except by Catherine McKinley's book above:
Indigo: in search of the color that seduced the world.


Joining Ginny..


  1. Beautiful- the yarn and the words!

    1. ..this story made me think of you.. 'sky fills the heart'.. xo

  2. oooooooh, those words! i must find that book!

  3. This sounds so incredibly fascinating. I'll be adding this to my reading list for sure. And the yarn too— gorgeous.

  4. This sounds fantastic! I'll be adding this to my reading list for sure. And the yarn as well— gorgeous.

  5. Such an up-lifting combination: these beautiful words and this vibrant indigo yarn!

  6. love the quote....and the yarn is scrumptious looking. (I'm reading about cochineal in the Perfect Red.....I think I would love your Indigo!!!)

  7. Oh, my gosh..the words and your yarn!

  8. You are a constant inspiration.

  9. Love the quotation--and the blue yarn!! Oh so beautiful!!


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