Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yarn Along..

Slowly chipping away at the unfinished object pile 
of knitting projects (UFOs)

Adore this scarf pattern by Janina Kallio
~ Terrain~

Knit with some of my naturally dyed yarn:
Golden rod over-dyed with Indigo.

I find myself impatient for the Queen Anne's Lace
and Golden Rod to come this year...

Reading some lovely natural dye books from the library.

Trying hard to finish the UFOs before casting on something new.  

Knitting on a 3 year old wrap from hand spun now, but 
couldn't resist casting on the Moto Vest by Shelli Westcott.
So simple and chunky yarn..
Looking wonderful from all the 
Woolful podcast chatter...

I said trying right?


Joining Ginny

(PS - Ellen .. If you are out there.. can you please send me an email? I can't seem to email you with the address I have  xoxo)


  1. Beautiful scarf,
    I've been learning to dye fiber, the mint was a huge success, the elderberries, not so much! :)

  2. What a beautiful shade of green that turned out to be. I am hoping to do more natural dying this year myself.

  3. Oh that's -such- a beautiful colour. I've always loved colours like it. I just bought Wild Color and I'm going to try and dye some of my own yarn this summer. :)

  4. It looks lovely Leigh- such a beautiful color and pattern.

  5. Stunning scarf! I love the pattern and the colour - beautiful.

  6. The scarf is beautiful as is the colour you have dyed. My first pack of indigo arrived today for dying experimentation next week - fingers crossed something wonderful will happen to my yarn.

  7. Oh my that stitch is delicious in that yarn! I adore the colour, you did a wonderful job! Must Get That Pattern!

  8. I love Love love the color you picked for that scarf.

  9. The book sounds very interesting. I'd love to dye yarn with my daughter.

  10. The scarf is stunning, especially in that color!
    Yes, you are trying and that is more than I can say for me. So...kudos!!


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