Monday, June 1, 2015

Weave all the things...

This past weekend I spent two days at the Society for Contemporary Craft 
teaching a DIY weaving workshop.

We made picture frame looms and created a custom wall hanging.
Students learned some basic tapestry stitches and how to 
source and use reclaimed fibers.

So. Much. Fun!!!

A few samples of their gorgeous weaving..
(top: Lauren, left: Amy, right: Finn)

Thanks to the amazing students who joined me for 
a fun and inspiring weekend!

Keep on weaving...!!



  1. Oh, why do I live so far away from you?
    Your students did a magnificent job, influenced no doubt by their spectacular teacher.
    Love and a hug, Ellen.

  2. If I could click my heels together and take your class, I would in a heartbeat!
    What lovely creations.


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