Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yarn Along..

I have been wanting to knit Mara's 'Rose City Rollers' sock pattern
for what seems like forever.  Finally got around to dyeing up a yarn that felt right
for the pattern..  

.."Modern Gingham"..

Inspired by my favorite vintage gingham garden shirt.

Orange Knits Designs 'Rose City Rollers' pattern is beautifully written,
easy to follow, and fun knit!  Please be sure to check it out on Ravelry.  You'll be running for your sock needles.


I love survival stories and have NOT been able to put this book down.
It must stem back to my childhood and the little jar of ashes (that I still have)
that my aunt sent me when Mount St. Helens erupted.

Now that I think about it, that little jar has a gingham lid.


Joining Ginny


  1. That sock? I love it. I think I will be looking at that pattern more closely. My friends and I are going to do a little sock mystery kal--in order to boost our sock knitting skills!
    I have not heard of your book-and I love survival stories too. I was a senior in high school and living north of Seattle when that mountain blew. I was just stepping out of the house to go to church when I heard it go--very dramatic.

  2. I love that yarn. And I love what you named it! :^)

  3. Beautiful yarn as always. God, I wish I could control double pointed needles. We used to have a magical and wonderful Border Collie who was an absolute wonder at herding our sheep..thanks to my sons. Do you know, are there Border Collies who could control my dp's?
    I will have to look up this book as we returned to Oregon just after St. Helen's blew her top.
    Love to you as always, E. (p.s. I love that the jar had a gingham lid.)

  4. your knitting as really stepped up! They are going to be great. I just started reading "All the Light We Cannot See" - have you read that book?

  5. Your socks look awesome with your beautiful yarn. How lovely that the jar has a gingham lid...fate. :)


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