Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yarn Along..

Number 6.

Does anyone else have a pattern they like to serial knit??

I go back to the lovely Antarktis
every. time.

Pattern by the lovely Janina Kallio Designs.
(be sure to check out her Solace shawl in previous post)

Oh.. and a new favorite project bag by 'Yarn Pop'.
The small bag is perfect for one cake of sock yarn.

Reading and loving..

Its a fun read that I can't seem to put down and totally
makes me wish I was hitting the trail.


Joining Ginning


  1. A lot times as I'm working on a project I think I want to create it again - like immediately, but almost always I finish a project and am ready for something new. I do love a project that makes me want to make it again, though. The Antarktis is lovely. I can see why it appeals again and again. And I love the colors of your yarn. :^)

  2. Beautiful colors..reminds me of photos I saw the other day of the aurora borealis.

  3. Ha, love the giraffe bag! I have so many things I want to knit I run out of time to knit something twice.

  4. Yes, Antarktis is one of those patterns that I could serial knit. It is just perfect. Your progress is looking beautiful. Funny I was thinking about knitting one up in some of my Wren House Yarn. :)
    That book looks absolutely wonderful. It is going on my To-Read list!


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