Sunday, October 4, 2015

Squirrel Nutkin

Hickory hull dyed yarns..

The hulls were left for me by the little red squirrel, who
I believe is living in the wood shed.

There is plenty of wood waiting for me to stack.
I bet I find hickory nuts packed to the ceiling!

The hulls dyed up so beautifully.

Little nutkin is still working away out there.

Thanks little friend ~ 
I'll be out to gather more hulls later...

: )



  1. Isn't it so good to have a darling little friend who helps out?

  2. such wonderful colors - love little squirrels!

  3. Gorgeous as always- you are definitely a master a nature colors- nothing like getting a little help from the squirrels :)

  4. Your friends helped you to create some beauties!


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