Sunday, November 8, 2015


Acer palmatum

[ Japanese maple ]

Japanese Maple
she sits paused in morning's light
a breathless...haiku

©Albert via

(..for Ellen.. xx)


  1. I have really enjoyed observing your love for this craft. :)

  2. I have no words that can give credence to the beauty that you create. Love and tons of hugs from so faraway, Ellen.

  3. Lost my comment because I had to look at your beautiful yarn. Forgive me if this is a repeat. What I wrote was, if I had ever had a daughter, she would be just like you..she would be you, dearest Leigh. I do know that you have a mother and do not need another one..and she must be so lovely, because she "made" you. I can pretend. Love so much, E.

  4. your beautiful picture inspires me

  5. I see that teeny tiny print! The haiku poem is so is the yarn.
    Sending love, e.


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