Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yarn Along..

At the beginning of the the year I ripped out all my unfinished knits.
Kind of cleans the slate for the new year..

Then I happened upon a bag of yarn in a thrift store this week.

It contained one (almost) finished mitt,
One and a half balls of yarn,
the pattern.

Of course I bought the bag!

The yarn is fabulous ~ The Fibre Co. : Road to China

So I sat down and studied the mitt.

Rip it ~ or ~ knit it.


It was so much fun trying to figure out the size and gauge the knitter used.
I got to thinking about the lone mitt and how it ended up in a thrift store.

Why don't I feel so much love and curiosity for my
unfinished knits?

The other mitt will be finished soon.
I'll be a bit sad when they are finished but the journey was sure fun!

~ Happy Knitting ~


  1. And what a great colour. Lovely find!

  2. Love the mitt, what a lucky find!

  3. Glad you chose to go ahead! They are such a lovely colour!

  4. Fascinating. It wouldn't even occur to me to take an unfinished project to the thrift store. Enjoy your little project.

    So delighted to find your lovely blog on the Yarn Along this morning. A beautiful space, you have.

  5. Ignore this if my previous comment went through, but I am so pleased to find your beautiful blog today on the Yarn Along. Such a lovely space. I hope to return again soon (I added you to my Feed...)

  6. That is wonderful! I would love to find something like that, and good for you for finishing it. I can't believe someone got rid of it.


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