Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weave big..

So there is this space above our bed...

A few weeks ago I was hit with the thought of making a tapestry for that space.

The thought wouldn't go away...

I decided to 'go big'

Heres the thing about big..
It can be daunting.

I like small.
Miniature even!

Nothing felt 'right'.

Its been a few days now and 'big' and I are getting a bit more friendly.
Slowly chipping away.

More subtracting.

Finding peace in life through the process.

My weaving partner...
She finally took a break from DIVING in the fringe (ugh)!

All the  yarn is reclaimed: estate sales, thrifting, found, from sweaters.
I love that.
A bit of hand spun from Craigslist fiber.

Stash busting.

This piece is going to take some time, but it is going to be
totally worth it!


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  1. Most impressed. I am not a weaver but can appreciate the menses scale of the undertaking!


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