Monday, April 10, 2017

Saxon Blue...

Being that I've never tried Saxon Blue natural dye, I thought it best
to try a few samples before attempting to dye the guild's
sheep-to-shawl warp.

A dear friend gave me this vintage dye book.  As I opened the front cover I noticed
it was autographed on the inside!  After posting the photo on Instagram I got a message from a friend in Montana ~ she went and dug her copy out and it was autographed too!

That little book was the only one that mentioned Saxon Blue.  
Not much information that I can find on the internet either.  

Following the instructions included in the package the first sample went in the pot.  
It was dyed first with a light fustic yellow in hope of getting a spring green.


The bottom collection of samples were all Saxon Blue.

I pretty much tried everything:
different yellows
different depth of shade
different modifiers in the dye bath

.. but mostly the blue wouldn't strike.

The water would be a lovely green but when the yarn came out..yellow.

It was an interesting day and I'll continue to research, but 
today I am making an indigo vat to get the spring greens I need.

Couldn't resist a snap of the gorgeous moon last night as we sat
at the campfire.  

Now... back to the drawing board.


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