Monday, July 31, 2017

Part One: Process

The first scarf I ever made was woven on a board with nails.
Not knowing how to "weave" or what yarns to use,
I made it up..

Shortly after that I started looking for sources of yarn that were 
inexpensive.  Not knowing what proper weaving yarns were, I started 
taking apart sweaters.

Creating with what I could find was addicting.
I am now a curator of discarded fibers: sweaters, cones, and odd balls of yarn.

It has been four years and weaving with found
materials makes me happier than ever.

This discarded linen blend sweater was unraveled to be made into 
a new scarf.

The yarn will be paired with hand dyed indigo and with a 
cone of discarded yarn at the guild Trash-to-Treasrue swap.


Stay tuned..

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  1. How interesting. I have yet to take apart a sweater, but I always enjoy seeing what others do with it!


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