Saturday, July 15, 2017

Something from nothing..

After all the precision work for the Master Weaving homework, 
I woke up craving Saori.

The warp was wound from scraps of yarns
given to me from other weavers.  I love using cast-off, donated, 
and reclaimed yarns.

The Noro weft was dug from deeeeeep in the bottom of
the stash.

I was having a great time weaving, but
my studio partners were not amused...

The scarf woven is open and etherial.  I'll post some
some photos once the fringe is twisted.

The remaining warp was beat down tight.
Loving the fabric it made!

Hoping to have enough to make a small pouch.

The magic of scraps and Noro ; )


  1. You sent me scurrying to google with "sari". Lovely idea! And your studio partners know they can safely snooze away while you work magic on your loom!

  2. i can see why your partners are snoozing, that chair looks so comfortable! I can picture you in your space doing what you enjoy with lovely results too!

  3. Noro stripes so well, and worked really nicely for this. While not a weaver myself, I love seeing what others are able to do with the craft. :)


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