Monday, November 18, 2013

It's been a year..

It's been a year.
A year since I picked up a drop spindle for the first time..

I still have these cards pinned in my studio.
A record of first yarns spun.

It has been one amazing year!

New friends, fiber festivals, learning,
exploring new fibers, and tools.

Spindles, carding, 
then a wheel, then another wheel.

Feeling like it is time for a new space.
I hope you will join me here at Wren House.

It is inspired after a friendly, energetic house wren
nesting outside my bedroom window.  

Yarn makes me sing..!!



  1. Oh, be still my heart. One day I found your photo stream and was just in love with it all. Your images and your spinning have been such a joy to look at. I do have a wheel, but am sadly lacking in skills...I know it takes practice. I understand why it makes you sing......the colors, textures and just damned beauty is amazing. I'll be back with gusto...and enjoying every moment looking at the beauty that you create.

  2. Lovely! I look forward to seeing the paths you wander down....

  3. congratulations dear. I love this space.. and your fiber art is outstanding. I remember when knitting & spinning were just a thought.. and now look! my heart sings for you. xoxoxo


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