Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yarn along..

Today I had my first real weaving lesson..

"Real" because after weaving this on a board with nails in it
I wasn't so sure weaving was going to be for me.

Turns out I was wrong.
(Thanks Carol and Marilyn and Chris and Ann ..xo)

After spending a lovely afternoon at the yarn shop..

I left with this..

.. a perfectly lovely, not so perfect, first weaving project.

Next week ~ learning to warp the loom.
The loom we used was an adorable little Schacht Cricket Loom.
Easy to use and perfectly portable.

Starting to read this..

The library list was long and well.. I just couldn't wait.  


Joining Ginny..


  1. Oh my goodness - congratulations! It looks quite beautiful! Does this mean that you will be getting a loom? The books looks interesting too, I will have to add it to the ever growing list of 'must reads'.

  2. Didn't I tell you that you would "fall" for weaving? AC


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