Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yarn Along..

Reading back issues of British Country Living magazine 
dreaming of summer pies with some of my hand dyed yarn.

Calling this one.."Bleubarb"!

Still working on plying.  The jumbo 
flyer has been wonderful so far..

Then there is Boo.

Boohumbug: A mystery knit-along from Christmas,
which is no longer a mystery as I am behind in the knit.

Moving on to the next clue today.

There are beads.
I've never knit with beads.

Should be interesting!

Hope you are keeping warm and happy knitting!

Joining Ginny..



  1. Lovely hand spun, the colours are gorgeous. I really want to knit another Boo shawl, I keep looking at this one. Deb x

  2. Love the first skein, such vibrant colors!! Happy bead knitting to you-love the deep red color of them :)

  3. Great colors in your hand spun! How do you like the jumbo flyer? My friend has it for her Lendrum and it seems to be really difficult to treadle towards the end of the plying process!

    1. So far I am really liking it! Still have a bit to go.. This is my first time plying on it. Had been doing it on the Louet S10 because the bobbins are bigger..

  4. Love the yarns! Such pretty colors! I've never knitted with beads either. . . it kinda scares me. ;-) I have done some crochet with beads and that wasn't too bad, but it wasn't easy.

    1. The adding of the beads isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, its the removing of the beads when taking out rows to correct a mistake that has been not so fun : )

      Im learning..

  5. Such lovely colors! Love the bleubarb!

  6. What lovely handspun! You should link up on SPUNDAYS at

  7. Lovely handspun! You should link up on SPUNDAY at

  8. Beads sound like fun. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)!

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