Monday, January 20, 2014

Morning Ply..

Taking the jumbo Lendrum plying head for a test drive this morning.
I've been trying to pack what I've plied on to the regular bobbin
and keep running out of room.

I was worried about taking the arm off the wheel to get the larger drive band on but it 
was easy-peasy.  Now I just leave both bands on with one gathered below with
and elastic band.

Wishing you a most wonderful start to your week!



  1. you too! Happy Monday (although, it's pretty late in the day for you now!)

  2. ha! i do the same thing with the drive band!! however i have not used my plying head in a while since i splurged a few years back and got the lendrum saxony, so sometimes there is spinning on the folding wheel and i ply with the saxony! nice to know that you're a lendrum girl too!!!


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