Monday, March 31, 2014

The good and the not so good...


Still snowing big pretty flakes..

Good: Started a new knitting project.

Not so good:  Funeral clothes.

Good:  Kitty surfing the sun while warming the new 
knitting project.

Not so good:  Weekend of flu ..
~Thank goodness for kitty snugs~

Good: Knitting project back on track after..

Not so good:  ripping out FIVE rows (400 stitches each) once
discovering I was knitting on the wrong side.  Kitty
decided to give me a hand while all 400 stitches were off the needles....

I am SO ready for April..

How about you??



  1. i'm glad you have lots of kitty love...
    I hope your March blows out all the bad and brings in April full of good!

  2. couldn't agree more with Denise…hope April will make it all better and nothing but good!!! hugs, friend!! D


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