Monday, March 10, 2014


Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending
a weaving workshop.

It was sponsored our local spinning and weaving guild.

Introduction to weaving on a four harness loom..

 Learning new words, calculating, threading, treadling...

Then weaving a pattern..

where this..

Turned into this.. 

Plain weave and twill.

It was an amazing day



The amount of talent and knowledge in this body of fine folks
will never cease to amaze me.  

My sincere thanks to you all who took the time to 
teach us,
mentor us, 
encourage us,
laugh with us,
share your love of the fiber arts...

I am grateful for you ~


  1. Sounds like a really fun day, dear Leigh!! are you thinking about adding the weaving at home with your own loom to your repertoire??? i always thought i'd learn it one day, but now i don't think so any more.. you know i do rug hooking now, which i soooo enjoy!!!

  2. Lucy - I can't tell what the dimensions of your wonderful weavings are, but they look just like a set of woven coasters that I paid $$$ for some years ago. Keep going! AC

  3. That does look like fun! Love the colours :)


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