Monday, July 21, 2014

Queen Anne's Lace

Jumped in the car this morning on a mission to find some of this..

Queen Anne's Lace.

I'd forgotten how good it smells.

There was a beautiful wild field of flowers along the road not far from home.

I picked enough Queen Anne's Lace for a natural dye bath.

Then couldn't help to pick
a bouquet for a far away friend who will 
only get to enjoy it through a photo.

Colors of summer..

Results of the dye bath soon..
for now the garage smells wonderful!

When is the last time you stopped to enjoy a bit of nature along side of your travels?

Happy Monday!



  1. One of my favorite meadow flowers!
    Fact: in Sweden they also call this lovely flower " Dog Crackers"
    ~ Hund Kex...isn't that a terrible name?
    I'm sticking with Queen Anne, can't wait to see how your color turns out :)

  2. I picked a big batch of it yesterday and it now sits on the table in a yellow pitcher. I love Queen Anne's Lace...fully open, closed up, or completely dried and dead. I also picked one wee thistle like flower. I took some photos of it all just an hour or so ago. I didn't know you could dye with it.
    You have inspired me to learn how to spin. I don't have a proper teacher, but I am getting a little better at it. My first attempts are hilarious!

  3. Queen Anne's Lace is one of my was in my wedding pretty. Can't wait to see what color it makes!

  4. oh gosh…that bouquet of flowers so reminds me of the meadows close to where i grew up in germany!! every mother's day i would go and pick a bouquet just like that - beats all the roses, lilies and what-not if you ask me!!!


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